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A Better backend - for any AI

Backend.AI enables you to efficiently build, train, and serve AI models of any type and size, and scale on demand.

We offer pioneering GPU virtualization technology, delivered in an easy-to-use backend service.Whether on cloud, on premises, or somewhere in-between, Backend.AI can create a flexible and optimized backend infrastructure for any AI model.

AI is everywhere, but AI expertise is not.

Our world class team is always at the ready.

Managing complex computational workloads can be a headache: don’t let inefficiencies in your backend infrastructure slow down the implementation of your AI model. With years of experience and proven expertise, we’ll take the backend challenge off your plate entirely  - so you can spend your your time and energy elsewhere.

Your resources are valuable. Get every last bit.

Optimize your backend to get the most out of your GPU infrastructure.

Our fractional GPU and GPU virtualization technologies and pay-as-you-play model significantly brings down the cost and complexity of managing an AI model. You pay only for what you need and what you use, as you use it.

A backend that can do backends.

Powerful and flexible, Backend. AI is simple to deploy and easy to adapt.

With built-in software integrations and no installation needed, getting started with Backend.AI is as easy as ready, set, transform. We know that success leads to change; the structure that supports you in your early days may not be the one you need to sustain your business in the future. Backend.AI is built to keep up with your success: you can easily change your GPU resourcing models and usage as needed.

We play well with others.

Have a platform your engineers love? We love it too.

As AI expands, so do the solutions that support it;  Our backend service is designed to integrate seamlessly with the tools your team already knows and loves.  Our comprehensive suite of integrations, intuitive developer tools, and innate adaptability are brought together in an easy-to-use UI that admins and developers love.


Suit of Integrations

Our applications go big (or small).

Every AI developer is different. That’s great news.

AI is in our DNA. We’ve been at the forefront of innovative AI research for years—it’s what we do, and its what we love. Our solution is built to support the full scope of the AI ecosystem: from enterprise-level environments, to bootstrapping start-ups, to individual researchers and enthusiastic hobbyists. We keep a close eye on industry trends and innovations, so our customers are always on the cutting edge of AI.

We’re innovators. So are our clients.

We’re not new to AI:

we have a long track record of helping some of the most interesting companies achieve success with their AI implementations. Here are a few clients we’ve been proud to work with:

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