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  • AI Gold Rush, Levi’s, and Lablup

    By Joongi Kim

    AI 골드러시와 리바이스, 그리고 래블업

    • 00:00 Introducing Joongi Kim, CTO of Rableup
    • 07:55 What is the relevance of open source and business direction?
    • 10:25 Lablup's revenue, funding, etc.
    • 12:17 Backend.AI, a solution used by customers
    • 18:33 What makes Backend.AI different?
    • 22:58 About churned customers and reasons for churning
    • 24:58 What is the new business structure?
    • 34:43 Lablup's overseas sales performance
    • 36:35 Why was Lablup selected for the semiconductor sector to foster new industry startups?
    • 39:57 What is the status and future of MPU-based work?
    • 47:46 Lablup's shareholding structure and revenue situation

    27 October 2023

  • LLM Evolution and Generative AI Enterprise Use Issues and Alternatives

    By Lablup

    Recommended for these people!

    • AI-related departments, companies interested in utilizing LLMs, companies considering AI adoption

    Premium Webinar Key Points

    • 01 Trends in the development of LLM in the last 5 years
    • 02 Issues and alternatives for LLM commercialization in general companies
    • 03 Responding to accelerating AI changes: developers, operators, and executives
    • 04 New opportunities triggered by ChatGPT
    • 05 Identity of AI models that are good at language: Digital intelligence vs. brain

    Since ChatGPT launched last November, LLM-related technologies have been announced almost daily. How is LLM evolving and how should companies prepare to utilize LLM, Jeongkyu Shin, CEO of Lablup, an AI operation platform called "Backend AI" that was highlighted at the NVIDIA GTC conference, explains in the simplest possible way.

    20 October 2023

  • allshow TV AI/DX - FastTrack : AIOps for hyperscale

    By Joongi Kim

    allshow TV AI/DX - FastTrack : AIOps for hyperscale

    2 June 2023

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