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  • Beyond AI

    By Jeongkyu Shin

    Beyond AI - Jeongkyu Shin


    • We will share with many people the perspectives of developers, researchers, and platform company representatives about the changes in the deep learning field over the past two years and the changes that will occur over the next two years.


    • CEO, Lablup
    • ML/DL Google Developers Expert
    • POSTECH Doctor of Physics (Complex Systems Physics/Computational Brain Science)

    1 December 2022

  • I'm new to low-level Linux: A Python Developer's Journey into the Abyss

    By Kyujin Cho

    I'm new to low-level Linux: A Python Developer's Journey into the Abyss (Kyujin Cho)  

    Backend.AI supports accelerator interfaces like CUDA GPUs and Graphcore IPUs, as well as newer technologies like GPUDirect Storage. In this session, we'll share the shoveling we've been doing in Linux's system calls and networking layers to integrate these features.

    1 December 2022

  • Writing React components as if they were asynchronous

    By Jongeun Lee

    Writing React components as if they were asynchronous - Jongeun Lee

    Can you imagine frontend development without async? We'll walk through an example of what it means to write React components as if they were asynchronous, and talk about why this mindset clears up a lot of clutter in a developer's head.

    1 December 2022

  • FastAPI Struggles - Forklift

    By Kangmin Kwon

    FastAPI Struggles - Forklift (Kangmin Kwon)

    I share my experience of working on an in-house project using FastAPI, an up-and-coming Python web framework. Introducing the struggles of the FastAPI project, which is still ongoing, through the eyes of a junior developer.

    1 December 2022

  • Writing machine learning - mostly write, little use (박해선)

    By Lablup

    Writing machine learning - mostly write, little use (박해선)

    The story of learning and exploring machine learning while writing a book.

    About the presenters
    - IT writer, translator
    - GCP Champion Innovator
    - Former ML GDE
    - Author of 'Self-study Machine Learning + Deep Learning', 'Do It! An Introduction to Deep Learning', and translated several machine learning books into Korean, including 'Hands-on Machine Learning 2nd Edition' and 'Deep Learning from the Creator of Keras 2nd Edition'.

    1 December 2022

  • A Past Life in Open Source: One PR Blow - Sion Kang, Sang Hun Lee

    By Sion Kang, Sang Hun Lee

    A Past Life in Open Source: One PR Blow (Sion Kang, Sang Hun Lee)

    - Xiong Kang: I would like to share tips from a novice developer who entered the open source ecosystem with a high barrier to entry. 
    - Sanghoon Lee : He will share his experience as a mentor and mentee in the Open Source Contribution Academy and his experience as a junior developer interested in various open source projects.

    About the presenters
    - (Sion Kang) Intern at Lablup
    - (Sanghoon Lee) Backend developer, Lablup

    1 December 2022

  • Debugging production issues with better visibility into asynchronous tasks - Joongi Kim

    By Joongi Kim

    Debugging production issues with better visibility into asynchronous tasks (Joongi Kim)

    - As you develop complex asynchronous apps with Python asynci, you may encounter issues like suddenly having too many of a particular task, or a task that should be running continuously dies silently. These issues are very difficult to debug using only postlogs or general tracebacks because they occur in the interaction of multiple tasks that are stacked separately from each other. I will share the process of developing the aiomonitor-ng library that can monitor the task creation and termination process in multiple stages, and the cases where we caught bugs with it.

    About the presenter
    - CTO, Lablup 
    - Backend.AI Lead Developer
    - CPython and aio-libs contributor
    - PhD in Computer Science (Network Systems), KAIST

    1 December 2022

  • NVIDIA Omniverse for Generating Virtual Worlds

    By Lablup

    NVIDIA Omniverse for Generating Virtual Worlds(Dr. Pallavi Mohan)

    NVIDIA Omniverse is an extensible platform for virtual collaboration and real-time, physically accurate simulation. Creators, designers, researchers, and engineers can connect tools, assets, and projects to collaborate in a shared virtual space. Creating digital twins in Omniverse allows you to create physically accurate virtual replicas of unique objects, processes, and environments, all constantly in sync with real-world data inputs and powered by AI. It can also a powerful tool for content generation and synthetic data generation. With Omniverse Replicator, an advanced and extensible SDK within the ecosystem, researchers, developers, and enterprises can generate physically accurate 3D synthetic data, and easily build custom synthetic data generation (SDG) tools to accelerate the training and accuracy of perception networks. Tune in to this talk to know more about the Omniverse ecosystem, and the possibilities of generating your own virtual worlds.

    Speaker info.
    - Solution Architect, NVIDIA AI Tech Center

    1 October 2022

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